Cathedral Home for Children is located 4989 N 3rd Street, Laramie Wyoming. If you fly when you come to visit your child the directions are very easy. You will fly into DIA (Denver International Airport). There are direct flights throughout the day from DIA into Laramie as well as return flights into DIA.(Check scheduling for times) Flights from DIA into the Laramie Regional Airport are about 30mins in duration and a rental car can be purchased at the airport in Laramie. Should you choose to drive the 120 miles from Denver to Laramie it takes around 2.5 hours. Please note that Laramie, Wyoming is at 7220 feet elevation and roads in winter can be a challenging with ice and snow in addition to being subject to closure so please check weather conditions and forecast before you decide. We recommend that you consider flying in the winter months and if you want to drive doing so when the weather for driving is a little more predictable.

Note: Links below for driving directions from DIA to Laramie, Car rental information and hotels in the area.

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