Phone Calls and Mail

Each cottage at Cathedral Home for Children basically operate the same but each does have its own rules. Resident use of the phone is no exception. Children are able to get and make calls to their parents, there is no waiting period before they are allowed to use the phone but they must share use of the phone with the other children on the cottage. There are limits set and enforced by each cottage and residents have a list of approved callers that each can get and make calls to. A good rule of thumb is Parents, Social Worker and Attorney or Probation Officer. We will not allow calls to or from friends, boy/girl friends or distant family. The cottage may require that phone calls be monitored by CHC staff. There is no need for calling cards and no additional charges to the children or parents for the use of the phone. Children can send/receive letters and packages, mailing presents for birthdays or other holidays is encouraged.

If you wish to mail something to your child please use the following address:

Cathedral Home for Children
Attn: (cottage, child name)
4989 N 3rd St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

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