We could not be happier to have your child in our program. While there are no guarantees in our line of work, I can promise you that we will do the best we can to help get your child back on track and on their way to a better way of life. Cathedral Home for Children is nearly 100 years old and has helped 1000’s of children become successful over the years. We surely hope that your child is another success story.

We here at CHC understand that it can be a scary time for you as you send your child to a residential treatment program. We also understand that there are many questions that you might have and information you will need. We have developed this website so you will always have the contact information, a reference of information and a way for you to contact us for anything you might need.

We do have some information that we must have from you. A copy of all the below-listed items will be fine and you can fax it to our office or drop it in the mail. This information will need to be received by our office before we can place your child in our program.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Shot Records
  3. Health insurance information 
  4. Social Security Card
  5. Completed Admission Packet. The packet can be reached by clicking the link below and printing. Please note that there are releases in the packet that will need to be signed. After completing fax or mail all pages including copies to: 307-742-6146 or   4989 N 3rd Street, Laramie WY 82072



To restore hope, strengthen relationships, and build futures, CHC operates on the central principle that relationships are the key to treatment delivery.

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