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Address: 4989 N 3rd St.
Laramie, Wy 82072
Office: 307-760-3142
Fax: 307-742-6146


We could not be happier to have your child in our program. While there are no guarantees in our line of work, I can promise you that we will do the best we can to help get your child back on track and on their way to a better way of life. Cathedral Home for Children is nearly 100 years old and has helped 1000’s of children become successful over the years. We surely hope that your child is another success story.

We here at CHC understand that it can be a scary time for you as you send your child to a residential treatment program. We also understand that there are many questions that you might have and information you will need. We have developed this web site so you will always have the contact information, a reference of information and a way for you to contact us for anything you might need.

We do have some information that we must have from you. A copy of all the below listed items will be fine and you can fax it to our office or drop it in the mail. This information will need to be received by our office before we can place your child in our program.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Shot Records
  3. Health insurance information (card with policy number)
  4. Social Security Card
  5. Completed Admission Packet. The packet can be reached by clicking the link below and
    filling it out on line. Click send and it will be sent electronically to our office. Please note that there are releases in the packet that will need to be signed. You can print those off for your signature and fax or mail them with the other information.

Click here to access the Admission Packet

As soon as the necessary paperwork is completed, placement will be arranged through your school district. Cathedral Home does not have a transportation service. There are transportation companies that your school district may use or you may be able to bring your child to Cathedral Home yourself. Each school district has its own rules and methods of dealing with the transportation issue. We would suggest that you contact the school district for those rules and methods. Cathedral Home would prefer that placement happen M-F between the hours of 8-5. These are the administration hours of operation. If these times do not work for you and you need to place your child over the weekend or after hours we will be more than happy to accommodate. If you do not travel with your child to Cathedral Home during placement, cottage staff will have your child call you and let you know they have arrived. If you have any questions about placement please call your social worker or contact our office at 307-721-1088. Please do not call CHC directly.

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Cathedral Home for Children is located in Laramie Wyoming. Assuming you will fly when you come to visit your child, the directions are really very easy. You will fly to Denver Colorado from any southern California airport. There are direct flights throughout the day from all airports and several carriers. However United Airlines offers the most options as far as times are concerned if you fly out of LAX. Flights from LAX tend to be cheaper also. Direct flights from southern CA to Denver are about 2 hours in length. Once reaching Denver you can continue on by changing planes and fly into the Laramie airport or rent a car and make the trip driving. The flight from Denver to Laramie is about 30minutes while driving the 130 miles will take around 2.5 hours. If you choose to rent a car and drive there are directions below that you can copy or print off for your trip. Keep in mind that Laramie is at an elevation of 7200 feet and in the winter months the roads can be very challenging with snow and ice. We recommend that you consider flying in the winter months and if you want to drive doing that when the weather for driving is a little more predictable.

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Your authorization for a visit will come from discussions with the school district, AB3632 office and the Cottage Director or Counselor where your child is placed. While all school districts have their own rules for visits most districts will pay for you to visit your child during the year. CHC has no set rules for visiting times and dates which allow us to work with your schedule for the best times to visit. CHC has accommodations on campus for parents to stay in so you may spend as much time as possible with your child during your stay. You are welcome to eat your meals with your child on the cottage where they are staying. The Cottage Director may give permission under certain circumstances to allow you to leave campus with your child. Cathedral Home for Children is a non-tobacco facility that includes everywhere on our campus. Parents who use tobacco will need to leave campus to do so. Parents are asked to consider this rule when making arrangements to stay on our campus. We have several hotels close to campus that allow smoking.

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The best thing to keep in mind for clothing is that Laramie has four seasons of weather. Your child will need a warm winter coat, gloves and winter hat to go along with shorts and summer t-shirts and everything in between. Your child is allowed to have their stereo, pictures from home and wear their own cloths. CHC does have a dress code that does not allow clothing in excess of too small or large items, shorts that are finger length with arms at the side and limited use if jewelry. A copy of the dress code rules can be provided to you if you request it. There are items that CHC does not allow and we would ask that you keep these items at home for when you child returns. The most common items include but not limited to:

  1. Cell Phones
  2. Game Boys or any game device
  3. Music that contains foul language, degrading messages and/or poor messages.
  4. Tongue, nose and eyebrow rings. Boys are not allowed earrings and girls are allowed 2 per ear. No other piercing is allowed.

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Each cottage at Cathedral Home for Children basically operate the same but each does have its own rules. The use of the phone is no different. Children are able to get and make calls to their parents. There is no waiting period before they can use the phone, but they must share the use of the phone with the other children on the cottage. There are time limits and number of days that each kid can make calls. There will be a list of approved callers that each child can get calls from and make calls to. A good rule of thumb is Parents, Social Worker and attorney or probation officer. We will not allow calls to or from friends, boy/girl friends or distant family. The cottage may require that phone calls be monitored by CHC staff. There is no need for calling cards and there are no additional charges to the children or parents for the use of the phone Children are able to send/receive letters and packages. Mailing presents for birthdays or other holidays are encouraged.

If you wish to mail something to your child please use the following address:

Cathedral Home for Children
Attn: (cottage, child name)
4989 N 3rd St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

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